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Creator and Chief-rammble-master: Riotus (Jason)

Meeting a Legend: Jeff Walker

Meeting a Legend: Jeff Walker

Music… stirs the soul.  But Metal?  Its a way of life!  I’ve been listening to rock and metal music since my early teens and cut my teeth on the classics like Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica and Pantera.  Fast forward 25 years and everyday is another step on my musical adventure of discovery!  I especially love classic/old school death metal and Death-Doom but have a huge fondness for odd styles and mix-ups:  think Arcturus, Borknagar, …In The Woods or Green Carnation.

I live on the stunning North Wales coastline in the UK but originally from the seaside town of Blackpool.  I work full time for a housing charity in the IT team and apart from discovering new music, running this site is now one of my main hobbies.  Add to that, im a film fan, amateur guitarist and love a good RPG video game.

Of Grimness and Murk: Hagalaz

Cheers from grim and frostbitten Minnesota! Raised on classical music, I kind of skipped the logical metal progression and plummeted straight from mainstream stuff into symphonic black metal. As a result, I know my pet subgenre pretty well, and am a fan of most areas of it. Traditional, melodic, DSBM, dark ambient, atmospheric, orthodox, French, even some hipster stuff- you name it, I love black metal.

I’m also a big fan of doom, particularly of the traditional kind. I am very picky about my death metal,and the kind I like tends to be the kind that is of the same ilk as my beloved horror movies, my other big geekery.

I have a blog over at http://blackmetallurgy.wordpress.com as well, where I post other reviews, concert reports, and random fangirlings over Marduk.

I have really enjoyed writing for Burning Fist these past few months, and am looking forward to doing a lot more! It’s kind of a dream come true to review bands like Ihsahn’s solo project, Kampfar, and Gehenna, and hopefully I’ll be able to balance my blogging with my last semester (ever?!) of coursework in graduate school.

Rockin’ an’ a Rollin’:  Dr Rock


Full bio coming soon!


A Real, Live Metalhead: Christian

What can I say about me? Well I first got into heavy metal in high school from the likes of Guns N Roses, Skid Row and Cinderella, eventually discovering the likes of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest; musicians who opened the gateway to everything else I listen to nowadays. I’ll proudly crank glam, thrash, NWOBHM, black, doom, old school death, and some power but absolutely NO folk metal.

I’m currently based in San Diego studying communications at SDSU and hope to graduate by the end of next year. I’m looking to pursue metal journalism full-time post-graduation so please feel free to drop me some suggestions. I started metal prose to give readers/viewers an authentic perspective by an authentic metalhead; so you’re definitely assured that my reviews are honest, interviews are interesting, and my opinions are fierce. Cheers!! \m/

And lets not forget Mark, Raz and Seth – full bios coming soon!

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