unScene: Psython – “…Outputs”

Psython - Outputs

Psython – Outputs

Metal, on occasion, can take itself quite seriously and so when bands inject a touch of humour in to their online profiles, it comes of something of a welcome distraction.  This three piece from Sheffield, Great Britain do just that, classing themselves as #Reytmetal… Now this wont mean much to most folk outside of Yorkshire, but it did raise something of a chuckle with me!

That said, don’t let this aloof humour allow you to drop your guard though as PSYTHON are far from being a joke band, in fact, it took me by surprise just how serious these guys are with their storming cuts of thrashy-crusty-punkish slabs of metallic hardcore.

Conjuring equal parts IRON REAGAN scrapping with EXODUS while MUNICIPAL WASTE and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE look on in awe, PSYTHON have got the thrash-crossover vibe down to a tee – each track bubbles with tension and a sense of excitement and none of them are afraid of the redline zone on the speedometer.  Tracks such as “Fatality”, “Meltdown” and “Dave 1.1” could easily hold their own with some of the more established thrash acts in the scene – “Dave 1.1” in sections boarders on Grindcore levels of destruction and blistering pace.  There are plenty of tact changes scattered throughout though to ensure that nothing becomes stale in the 40 minutes on offer.



Part of the underlying issues with thrash is that it can get a bit “samey” after a while, but its good to see the guys introduce other elements, such as touches of COC style southern-rock in “Blunt” in to the mix.  There are even moments where the self-aware levels of humour manage to creep in to – the track “Careless Whispers”, while having nothing to do with the George Michel classic (note the “s” in Whispers for a distinction…!) will put a wry smile on your face, not only for its as-metal-as-metal-can-be-attitude, but also for some cheeky guitar work and a nod to George’s work at the end – its like CROWBAR jamming with WHAM! 🙂

For a self-release title, a notable nod needs to be aimed squarely at the production work on offer here as its as clear as a bell despite the aggro delivery of the thrashing guitars, bass and thundering drumming, and the quality of the musicianship is really allowed to shine through.

Overall, this is a real fun debut release from this promising British band – highly enjoyable thrash-attack!

PSYTHON‘s “…Outcomes” is released April 1st 2016.






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