Music Review: Pro-Pain – “Voice of Rebellion”

Pro-pain - Voice of Rebellion

Pro-pain – Voice of Rebellion

Uncompromising is the only way to describe this long standing (although it’s taken me until now to realise what a gas their name is…) NY metallic hardcore crossover bands new bomb dropping, kicking off as it does with a roar of “Die fucker!”.

This title track opener remains ultimately aggressive in super chunky bullying and battering riffing and the no-holds-barred-hard-man-take-no-shit-vocals that you could be intimidated if you didn’t feel you were on this guy’s side and enjoying the ride.  The police sirens/samples follow up of the next ingrains you deep in the dirty heart of darkness in the urban jungle before hammering out more riffs and shout along choruses that are just made for lively pit action.



About this point I waver in my opinion that this may actually be descending into the machismo bullshit that ruined contemporaries BIOHAZARD for a while (although they too are back very strongly now) but I’m reminded of seeing them at Bloodstock this last year and there didn’t seem to be any of that posturing, just the pleasure in super-solid riff crushing.

They do bring other tangents and flavours to the mix, more thrashing on the likes of “Blade of the Cursed” and more straight forward old school hardcore (they were formed from the Crumbsuckers after all) on “Take it to the grave”, giving extra pickups among all the beatdown.

All in all it’s just a really well-crafted punchy album from veterans who have still got the skills to kill.


Review By: Mark


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