Music Review: Hogslayer – “Defacer”

Hogslayer - Defacer

Hogslayer – Defacer

From the off this beast not only slays pigs but dozes bulls such is the weight behind its impact.  A wall of riff noise lumbers along, no real pace, just a relentless, tortuous hammering through heavy and phatly distorted repetition.

It becomes a really cathartic exercise, pushing the punishment and the endurance of these sludgey workouts.  While enjoying the masochism of the uncompromising delivery, over time though, i wonder if it loses its impact through the stripped down lack of variety.

The roared vocals are pretty buried in the mix, providing no real hooks but also to the extent that as a layer in the sound their potential punch and punctuation is rendered a bit lost.  The riff worship with no elaboration (solos etc.) reminds me of the Raging Speedhorn experience, but the colour provided by almost psychedelic extra guitar wavering around in the background adds subtlety to the steamrolling, similar to Paul Neville with seminal Godflesh.

Would love to savour this volume in the live environment so will be keeping eyes peeled for when these Welsh riff butchers are on the road.


Review by: Mark


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