Unscene: Glasir – “Unborn” EP

Glasir - Unborn EP 2015

Glasir – Unborn EP 2015

In an age of information overload, we expect many things these days.  Mainly, to have all the information we’d need readily and easily accessible at any time we choose.  But when this isn’t available, we tend to either panic or think something is wrong.  So when writing about bands – especially about new / unsigned bands – i like to do some research before and during the review process to get a feel for what they are all about.

Only, GLASIR had other ideas!  I know they’re from Texas, i know they’re a three piece and i know they play Atmospheric Post-Rock… So as far as facts go… That’s it.

But in terms of their music, i also know their 3 track EP “Unborn” is about as epic as it gets.  Each track is filled with wonderfully crafted sonic-soundscapes that build with tension forcing the listener to be captivated by each purposeful note.



An excellent production aids the journey as the bass is as clear as it is rumbling and deep with dissonance – the guitars pierce this murk with high timbrous tones and soothing chords and its all driven home with a powerful juxtaposed selection of pounding drums and when required pure subtlety.

Much akin to not providing any information about your band, it takes a lot for a to choose not to have a vocalist, but to be honest, much like the missing information, this actually adds to the mysteriousness of GLASIR.  I’m quite happy not knowing who this band are as i’m very happy to be safe in the knowledge that “Unborn” is one of the purest musical journeys i’ve had the pleasure of for some time.

Highly recommended for fans of Pelican, Isis or Zombi.


Review By: Jason




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