UNSCENE: Black Forge – “I Am The Dark” EP

Black Forge - I Am The Dark EP

Black Forge – I Am The Dark EP

Hailing from one of the more unlikely towns in the UK, BLACK FORGE are from Frome in the West Country, and while certainly not renowned as a hot bed of Metal, this classic power trio lineup of Matt Walpole (Guitar/vocals), Chris Pilmore (Bass/backing vocals) & Gavin Rodriguez (Drums) are going some way to try and readdress the issue.

Citing influences from the likes of SEPULTURA and MASTODON, that’s clear for all to hear on this self released four track EP, as is the focus on groove and mature song writing.  Add in elements of DOWN, KYLESA and HIGH ON FIRE to this already intoxicating mix and you a have quite the explosive recipe – BLACK FORGE may well claim to be “…The Dark”, but with this concoction they’re likely to light up the darkness with ease as these guys are on fire!

Black Forge

Black Forge

Opening with the title track of the EP, the intro initially feels reminiscent of “Ride the Lightning”-era METALLICA, but that is very quickly smashed to one side as memorable structures and down-tuned and downright catchy power chords and riffs are the order of the day.  “Into The Blackness” brings more of the sludgey, southern metal vibe to the forefront while “My Ghosts” showcases a great balance of speed and measured aggressiveness.  Bonus points need to go to the production here too – clear as a bell despite being as heavy as a dumper truck full of moshing elephants!  The forth and final track is actually an acoustic version of “I Am The Dark” – a somewhat brave move to end an incredibly heavy EP with, but look at it as a palette cleanser before you inevitably hit the repeat button and start the metal-madness again!

I’ve said it before, but its well worth hammering home again:  Homegrown British Metal talent is in rude health at the moment, and BLACK FORGE are a real gem, and one well worth checking out.


Review By: Jason




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