Music Review: Theories – “Regression”

Theories - Regression

Theories – Regression

Initially had a taste of these Seattle death grinders through their split 7” with the also excellent Wake, so it’s impressive to see how they have extended their range to this, their debut album, with no real let up in the impact. 

The production on this is top notch in capturing the sharp, pummeling rage running through their release.  Riffs that have so much furious energy, tempos tapped in to trigger the adrenal gland, this is cutting edge stuff.  Perhaps taking a lead from the Scandinavian standard bearers of the likes of Nasum and Rotten Sound there’s an excellent distorted tone but punched out precisely like some hyper speed metal press.



Added to the appeal is that there is genuine message to be spat out in the rough vocal lines that rasp away, able to strip paint, dealing with the anti-establishment themes always relevant and always inspiring this ferocious response.  Occasionally there’s a shift down in gear to allow for more atmospherics with some dissonant sounds but the respites are brief, barely even a lull in the explosive barrage.  Pretty exciting stuff, and a strong statement of intent within the genre.


Review by: Mark


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