Music Review: Headless Kross – “Volumes”

Headless Kross - Volumes

Headless Kross – Volumes

I had been aware of this Glaswegian band since meeting the drummer at Hellfest quite a few years back, so it’s pleasing to see and hear that the band have persevered and their efforts have come to fruition with this their second full album (out on Conan’s BlackBow label) after their self-released debut and some previous splits.

With their name being an obvious nod to the elder gods of Sabbath, and the title speaking nicely ambiguously, doom metal is at the heart of their sound. With just three monster tracks on this release, as imposing as the striding natural destroyers on the cover art, it’s a laid back but simultaneously insistent journey through their jams.

Headless Kross

Headless Kross

There can initially seem a psychedelic stoner vibe, loose riff explorations, only when the more roared vocals coming in upping the heaviness into sludgier stakes. Operating as a three piece, each element brings its own super-strength mixer to the heady cocktail, the ringing, sonorous, distorted guitar chords, the wandering Geezer-blues bass vibes and the hard hitting, hypnotic drums.


It’s really uncompromising stuff, their own lucid or hazed vision of these beasts of songs that either lull you along in an undertow or drag you out of your depth with a riptide.



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