Live Review: Satyricon – Manchester Sound Control – 07th April 2015

Satyricon 2015 Tour Flyer

Satyricon 2015 Tour Flyer

There was an air of expectation ahead of tonight’s performances – Satyricon hadn’t toured the UK club scene for a number of years and so the strong gathering of metal-heads on this fine April evening were queuing early, ready and waiting to witness some of Norway’s finest metal exports at work…

Well, they were going to have to wait just that little bit longer!

If rumours were to be believed (and rarely should they be), Satyricon weren’t happy with the sound in the ironically named Sound Control, and they weren’t about to finish their sound-check until they were good and ready.  Fair enough, they are the headliners after all and its testament to their work ethic for simply not settling for second best.



The sad truth though, was that this meant that the band i was most excited to see only got to play just two songs – one of which i had the pleasure of hearing from the stair-well as a miscommunication to security staff meant that they wouldn’t let anyone in to the venue proper, as they were still under the impression Satyricon were still at it!  A “bit annoying” didnt really cut it at this point but good on Vredehammer for ploughing through and thrashing out a storming rendition of “Cthulu” from their debut full length “Vinteroffer” – im hoping the guys manage to pop back this way sometime soon, as the crowd were responsive to the blackened thrash – if a little bemused as to why they were in such a hurry to leave!

Oslo Faenskap

Oslo Faenskap

Next up, we had a bunch of young misfits from Olso – Oslo Faenskap – hellbent on making a name for themselves, on this, their first ever European tour, and i have to say: they did a damn fine job of it!  Again, due to the schedule difficulties, the band had their set cut short, but what they did bring was a whirlwind of energy and activity.  Musically, they were pretty damn difficult to pin down – no one influence rising to the top, but a fine mixture of hardcore grooves, thrashy moments and black & death metal dynamics made for an entertaining show.

Having already had the pleasure of supporting the likes of Avenged Sevenfold in Norway and still to release their debut album, here is a young band with a point to prove – and they were going some distance to achieve it.  Certainly ones to watch out for in the future.

And so, to the headliners, Satyricon, who’ll certainly not need any introduction, and yet they insisted on keeping us waiting again – but this time it was for dramatic effect!

And it worked.



The cozy hall was now pretty much at capacity, the house lights off, the smoke machine adding to the thick atmosphere and through the gloom, dull blue light highlighted nothing but the sight of a stag-horned microphone stand and matching antler-encased drum-kit.  And without even a single note played, this was still hair-raising stuff.

Frost arrived first to take his seat quickly followed by all but the frontman to the tune of “Voice of Shadows,” they then proceeded to storm in to the first track proper with “Rite of Our Passage” from “Now, Diabolical” album.  When Satyr joined the stage, it was to rapturous applause.

It has to be said that its really worth mentioning the sound situation at this point, as the wait, as they say, was certainly worth it!  The band were as close to metronomic in delivery and about as crystal clear as could be expected.

What i didnt appreciate until afterwards was that the band rattled through all corners of their extensive catalogue – covering everything from “Walk the Path of Sorrow” from their 1993 debut “Dark Medieval Times”, right the way through to “Tro og Kraft” from 2013’s self titled album – there was literally something for all in attendance.



If i had to find a criticism, live, some of Satyricon’s tracks tend to merge in to one – this is especially true of their more recent work, as it has an over-reliance on a military-esque beat and all to similar pace.  Credit where its due though, the band seemed aware of this as the setlist was broken up by older, faster tracks.

A couple of stand out moments were present too – never did i expect the band to throw in a cover song, and i certainly didnt expect them to throw in a cover of The Dead Kennedys “Holiday in Cambodia” – this was lost on most of the younger audience, i even heard one lad ask him mate if its was from Tony Hawk skating video game!!  :O  The second surprise was that the band treated us to a couple-of-snippets-of-ideas-of-songs that they are working on – a nice touch, but it did break the atmosphere a little.

Finishing with an awe-inspiring rendition of “Mother North”, “Fuel for Hatred” & “K.I.N.G”, the band had played for close to 2 hours with barely a break and i reckon they could have gone if the venue had let them!



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