CD Review: Code – “MUT”

Code - Mut

Code – Mut

There is an episode of The Sopranos where Adrianna becomes a manager for a band called Visiting Day, formally a thrash metal band who have evolved into a super pretentious ambient progressive band seemingly fueled entirely by the fumes of their own methane. This immediately sprung to mind upon listening to the new Code album “Mut”, a band once known for extremely interesting black metal and have now become a super pretentious ambient progressive band seemingly fueled by… Well, you know the rest.

On a positive note the members of Code are clearly all very accomplished musicians, something their previous albums prove beyond all doubt too. At first the dreamy ambience, twangy lead guitar, Maynard James Keenan style vocals and meandering, directionless songs all seem very pleasant; and they are. The problem is that none of the songs go anywhere, at least not anywhere particularly interesting. Songs come to an end simply because they run out of distance, leaving the listener with a sensation a lot like being in an elevator or stuck on hold.



The word “pretentious” has recently been hi-jacked by tone deaf dullards as the go to insult to throw at bands who are more gifted than themselves, so it’s a word I’m loathed to use here no matter how fitting it might be. It seems unfair too given the obvious musical ability of the band who may have not quite figured out how to implement their new found style.


Instead, I’ll say the following; “Mut” is nothing short of a musical masterclass, because lets face it, it must take some incredible musicianship to play like this whilst your head is so far up your backside you’re in danger of stimulating your own prostate when you sneeze.



Find out more about Code at ALLHEAVYMETAL.NET

Buy Code’s “Mut” at

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