BurningFist Review Show #10 – 13th May 2015

BurningFist Review Show 10

BurningFist Review Show 10

Its THAT time of the week already, which means, its the BURNINGFIST REVIEW SHOW only on www.MidlandsMetalheads.com/RadioShows/

This week, ive pulled my finger out and ive actually got some REVIEWS for you. 6, yeah SIX of them in fact!

We’ve got some alternative hard rock in the form of Therapy, symphonic loveliness from The Gentle Storm, British rock upstarts Defy All Reason, Swedish occult rock from Nocturnalia, proto-punk covers from Prong and the self proclaimed heaviest and most pissed off band on the planet Oceano – an interesting mix by anyone’s standards!

Not only that of course, you’ll be treated to some new and classic track from the likes of Atreyu, Satyricon, Amon Amarth, Anthrax, Testament, The CNK, Sepultura, Arcturus and At The Gates – can you really afford to miss this?!

Don’t forget, all the shows we’ve done are available here: http://www.burningfist.co.uk/podcasts/








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