BurningFist Recap Show #1 – 29th April 2015

BurningFist Recap Show 1

BurningFist Recap Show 1

Its time for the Burningfist Review Show, in cahoots with wwwMidlandsMetalheads.com/Radio-Shows/

BUT! This week is a little different…
Instead of the reviews and a few choice tracks, this week (and next!) we’ll be recapping some of the coolest releases from the last 9 shows we’ve done.

Tracks from Adrenaline Mob, CODE, Mammoth Mammoth, Tomes, SynaptiK, Black Star Riders, Battle Beast, Cancer Bats, Marduk Official, Reign of Fury, The Man-Eating Tree, Danko Jones, The Agonist, Papa Roach, Enforcer and Melechesh – PHEW!!

Join Us for the ULTIMATE Metal Playlist!

Dont forget, if you cant make the Wednesday nights shows, you can catch up on all the previous on our Podcast page:  http://www.BurningFist.co.uk/Podcasts


Over at Midlands Metalheads website:  http://www.midlandsmetalheads.com/podcasts/

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