unScene: Protestant – “In Thy Name”

Protestant - In Thy Name

Protestant – In Thy Name

I had been aware of this ultra-dark and filthy metal/punk crossover act for a while but hadn’t got quite got round to picking anything up. This satisfying onslaught of their fifth album has certainly encouraged me to rectify that though.

The band hail from Milwaukee in the US, hometown of another similarly fierce hardcore outfit Enabler who I am a big fan off, and maybe a similar northern grimness of their environment on the icy shores of Lake Michigan influence their sound to an extent. There’s definitely a harsh coldness that resembles some of the old school or retro celebrating black/death bands of Scandinavia, their obvious religious stance perhaps another nod to there too although I expect dealing with the moral majority in their own land inspires enough bile to be spat and spleen to be vented.



And the singer is certainly screaming bloody mad at times. Their fury does give a pleasing d-beat/crust vibe (drums of pure blasting thunder) to their faster sections but they are also expansive and atmospheric in drawing out other sections, more of the progressive post-metal elements of perhaps Agrimonia or early Neurosis.

They do retain a rawness to their sound that is blistering and just complements and sums up the energy and intent of their work. Satisfyingly bleak and cathartic.







Buy Protestant’s “In Thy Name” at Amazon.co.uk

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