unScene: Foul Body Autopsy – “So Close To Complete Dehumanization” EP

Foul Body Autopsy - So Close To Complete Dehumanization

Foul Body Autopsy – So Close To Complete Dehumanization

Named after a Necrophagist song, Foul Body Autopsy is a one man band that you would
be forgiven for having certain preconceptions about. I mean, I did. I listened to the “So Close To Complete Dehumanization” EP expecting it to be brutal slam death metal, with pig squeals and breakdowns that people in flexicaps and camouflage shorts could stamp about to like Godzilla on vacation in Tokyo to. It is in fact two songs of surprisingly diverse extreme metal.

Mastermind Tom Reynolds clearly has a lot of influences and he displays them wonderfully in these two songs. The title track ranges from groove-laden death metal into a full on blasting black metal assault that Emperor would be proud of. “Born Into A Man Made Hell” follows a similar route, combining catchy riffing verses with an atmospheric black metal chorus.


This EP hasn’t been done cynically to serve so many masters, this is clearly one person with a lot of good ideas and a talent for constructing interesting but hummable songs. The only thing that jars ever so slightly for me is the occasional use of shouty, almost hardcore vocals that just seem a bit out of place and weak over such powerful music.

Foul Body Autopsy are a very welcome surprise and pretty much every extreme metal fan should find something to like here. More like this please!



Find out more about Foul Body Autopsy at ALLHEAVYMETAL.NET




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