CD Review: Job For A Cowboy – “Sun Eater”

Job For A Cowboy - Sun Eater

Job For A Cowboy – Sun Eater

Job For A Cowboy are well known for being one of the first bands to reap the benefits of online social media, specifically the now defunct Myspace. Whilst it’s conceivable that much of the interest came from people confusing the bands name for dodgy pornography, they still carry the stigma of achieving quick success via the internet. Over the last few albums Job For A Cowboy have done a lot to dismiss their critics and legitimise their place in the metal world and “Sun Eater” is a compelling work.

The evolution of Job For A Cowboy from debut album “Genesis” is crystal clear over the last few years, leaving behind the realms of brutality to venture into more technical pastures. “Sun Eater” is surprisingly mid-paced, opting for a subtle burn over a light speed pummeling. Tracks such as “Sun Of Nihility” have a sinister edge that would have been difficult to appreciate at a higher tempo. Jonny Davy is left room to demonstrate his fantastic vocal range and bassist Nick Schendzielos provides some very talkative bass lines that are the peak of some excellent musicianship all around.

Job For A Cowboy

Job For A Cowboy

The only real gripe with this album is that whilst the pace works well to allow many songs to breathe, it’s also far too consistent and some tracks blur into one another. This is not helped by a few tracks petering out rather than concluding, making for an awkward listening experience.

Job For A Cowboy have come very close to hitting the mark with this commendable effort.  Despite still having a very silly band name, this is a good chunk of technical death metal that further convinces of their musical chops.



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