unScene: Stop Hitting Yourself – S/T Demo

Stop Hitting Yourself

Stop Hitting Yourself

Stop Hitting Yourself (S.H.Y.), a three-piece from Nottingham, claim to play Hardcore, but that’s only half of the story here.  Their “Demo#1” release is a busy, angry, raucous little number that has as much in common with the Punk aesthetics the Hardcore label originates from, as it does with technical post-hardcore of Sweden’s (now defunct) Burst and touches of Nasum/Napalm Death grind-like speed.

The 4 track demo has a somewhat expectedly gritty production but this adds to the overall caustic atmosphere, and opener “Settle For Nothing” twists and turns through various styles and tempo shifts, and covers a hell of a lot of ground in its 4 and a half minutes.  “Revenge!” is not only a statement of intent, but would be the perfect soundtrack to a UFC bout – aggressive, disharmonious and yet still full of groove.

Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it “Dieselboarded” was the right hook you just didnt see coming, while “Bazooka” follows up the pummeling with tasty footwork and keeps jabbing you with a blastbeat / tech / blastbeat combo, leaving you reeling.

Its fair to say that S.H.Y. are right on the money in terms of balancing aggression and catchy song writing, and its easy to forget its “just” a demo.  What needs to happen now, is that S.H.Y. needs that break/big tour offer to give them the exposure they deserve.  Stop Hitting Yourself could well be the UK’s answer to Converge





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