CD Review: Aghast! – “All the Rage”

Aghast - All The Rage

Aghast – All The Rage

Underground journeymen and perennial silly billies Aghast! have been consistent purveyors of extreme metal for a while now, playing the length and breadth of the UK and delighting crowds with their good humoured assault. “All The Rage” could quite easily be seen as the end result of many years of hard work and to put it simply, it is.

This is a fun and yet gloriously humble album. Driving forward at breakneck tempo, the musicianship is often deceptively technical with some beautifully shredded guitar parts and blasting drums sometimes taking a short time to fully appreciate because you’re still dazed from the enjoyable pummelling each track gives you from the start. All of this is underlined by drill sergeant-esque barking vocals and thunderous bass.

While most songs carry this same formula there are enough unique riffs to keep your attention. Particular stand out tracks include “Bang To Rights” that comes complete with cowbell and “It’s Your Funeral” that has a wonderfully placed clean sung section that for other bands might jar, but Aghast! channel a style that Cynic would be proud of.



It’s all a lot to take in and this is certainly an album that rewards repeated listens. With most of the tracks coming close to the five minute mark and a constant furious pace it can occasionally seem a bit over long, but it’s rare that anything really outstays it’s welcome.

This is a solid extreme metal album that falls somewhere between death metal and the heavier side of metalcore and with that comes an accessibility combined with talent that should rightly make Aghast! huge one day. That would be a fitting reward for a band that takes writing music seriously but clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, as Aghast! are one of the hardest working and most likeable bands in the UK right now.



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