Year End Polls: Damn Im Supposed to Like This – Part 2

New Year Poll 2014 Damn

New Year Poll 2014 Damn Part 2

In the last of our Year End Polls Features, we let the angry side of Seth loose on his biggest disappointments of 2014 – brace yourself, things are about to get little bumpy!

5: Bloodbath – “Grand Morbid Funeral”

The band formed to pay a fantastic homage to old school death metal has been a firm favourite of mine ever since “Resurrection Through Carnage” came out a decade ago. Since then the paucity of ideas has started to dwindle and there have been less and less memorable riffs. “Grand Morbid Funeral” is OK, if a bit unremarkable, but it’s an album badly handicapped by the limitations of new vocalist Nick Holmes. His lack of range and power make his delivery average at best and frequently cringe-worthy. One can only despair at how badly he might tarnish the old classics live.



4: Belphegor – “Conjuring The Dead”

Erik Rutan should not be allowed to produce blackened death metal. All the best blackened death metal bands sound dirtier than a thousand whores of Babylon dipped in shit and Belphegor used to have a similar grisly edge. This album has all the spit and polish of a Hate Eternal album and it’s dull because of it. I’m not looking for Belphegor to record their album on a potato or anything, but a bit of soul would have been nice.


3: Anaal Nathrakh – “Desideratum”

I love Anaal Nathrakh, but they are becoming very predictable and somewhat over productive, pumping out albums like there’s no tomorrow… Which is ironic in a sense that most of their songs are about there being no tomorrow. But a copious output seems to breed an ever increasing dullness in the material and “Desideratum” is just that but maybe they’ll stop when Dave Hunt runs out of words in his Latin dictionary. Until then I’d be worried to leave a glass of water near Anaal Nathrakh in case they tried to tread it.


2: Winterfylleth – “The Divination Of Antiquity”

An album so dull that I might not be able to get through this sentence without… Zzzzzzzzzz



1: Septic Flesh – “Titan”

Septic Flesh are now almost unrecognisable from the band that produced master works like
“Communion” and “Sumerian Demons”. There are areas in “Titan” that are closer to Rob Zombie than Dimmu Borgir and the entire album reeks of a band serving too many masters. Whilst it was perhaps severely diluted by the band re-releasing everything they had ever recorded in the months before, this tops the list because they are such a good band who have had such a significant decline. Bad form gentlemen, Rotting Christ remain the number one Greeks.

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