Year End Polls 2014 – Damn – Im Supposed to Love This

New Year Poll 2014 Damn

New Year Poll 2014 Damn

2014 has been quite the year for quality Metal releases and frankly, we’ve been spoilt for choice across all genres and styles.  This of course, makes it somewhat difficult to compile Year End Polls but also its part of the compelling fun.  The agonizing choices of leaving out one album in favour of another can become almost unbearable!

But we start with Jason’s “Damn! I’m Supposed to Love This” list where he selects the albums, that on paper at least, he should have loved, but just didnt.  Lets see what you make of this…

5) Lacuna Coil – “Broken Crown Halo”

I’ve always had a soft spot for Lacuna Coil; the “easy listening” factor and the catchy melodies had often made them a good choice to chill out too or as a perfect non-offensive car stereo selection for those passengers less au feit with metal.  But “Broken Crown Halo” missed the mark in spectacular fashion – featuring dull and uninspired lyrics coupled with equally boring riffs and arrangements saw a band treading water and seemingly releasing a record just for the sake of it.


4) Aborted – “The Necrotic Manifesto”

I dont get it.  The internet was awash with great expectations for this album and upon release, you’d have thought this was the greatest Death Metal album in years.  But, i dont get it.  I simply dont get it!  I cant see the appeal.  Its not a bad Death Metal album, its just nowhere near up to par on other releases in 2014.  And did i mention that i dont get it?


3) Arch Enemy – “War Eternal”

There is no denying Arch Enemy’s collective talent and its evident here in spades, and yet for all the blazing solos, blastbeats and furious delivery, “War Eternal” just comes across as soulless and uninspiring.  I was so looking forward to hearing this that it made it even more disappointing.  Here’s hoping that now the band have changed line-ups again, that they can find a renewed vigor.  Fingers crossed.


2) At The Gates – “At War With Reality”

Right, hang on!  Just before im hung, drawn and quartered, i must remind you this isn’t list of bad albums, but a list of albums i should like 🙂  I’ve listened to “At War With Reality” on countless occasions now and i’ve never been able to get to the end without skipping tracks, or even turning it off half way through.  The songs on offer are great quality, but they just don’t have the same sense of identity that the earlier releases had or the raw edge – Its a bit too clean and nice.


1) Obituary – “Inked in Blood”

I had a vested interest in this.  I was one of those kind folks that threw a couple of quid at the band when they took to Kickstarter to look for funding the recording.  And while the end result certainly sounds like Obituary, its lacking decent songs.  Of the 12 tracks on offer, 3 stand out head and shoulders above, whilst the rest become cookie-cutter copies of themselves.  I felt the band should have concentrated on 8 or so top quality tunes and trimmed the fat a little.


Coming soon…

“The One’s That Got Away” List – Stay tuned!


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