CD Review: Sonic Syndicate – “Sonic Syndicate”

Sonic Syndicate - Sonic Syndicate

Sonic Syndicate – Sonic Syndicate

Has anyone ever wondered what a metal band formed by XFactor judge Louis Walsh would sound like? Well if in your darkest moments you HAVE ever pondered such a question then we might finally have an answer for you. Sonic Syndicate‘s new self titled release is perhaps one of the most derivative examples of pop-metal ever constructed, flogging the dead horse of shouty verse followed by melodic chorus all the way to the glue factory.

While songs such as ‘Black Hole Halo’ and ‘Before You Finally Break’ have fairly enjoyable sing a long choruses, that’s pretty much where the fun ends. The guitar and bass is so uninteresting it’s as though the only musical chops possessed by those playing them is that they have five fingers on each hand. Most of the songs follow the same predictable structure and combined with the underlying keys it almost feels like the musical equivalent of an episode of Pokemon.

Possibly the most heinous aspect of this album is the laughably bad lyrics that at the best of times are unimaginative and immature and at the worst of times don’t even make sense. The first track actually includes the line: “Day of the dead – bang your head – you’re so damn pretty I could eat your smile”…

Sonic Syndicate

Sonic Syndicate

The problem with Sonic Syndicate isn’t the fact that they lack any kind of originality or even that this is one of the most cynically constructed albums ever written purposefully to appeal to the lowest common denominator and boost sales. It’s that even as a pop metal act they still carry a “burly bros” at the gym attitude that instantly alienates them from most metal folk.  They could have learned a thing from bands like A Day To Remember, who whilst being as uninspiringly pop and accessible, have a very likeable everyman approach to them.

One of the few positives is that albums like this might be a good gateway for non metal people to get into heavier guitar based music. But for the initiated, this is just pure unmitigated garbage.



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