unScene: Flesh Born – “Han” EP

Flesh Born - Han EP

Flesh Born – Han EP

Texas based Flesh Born don’t waste any time with this 8 track EP!  Weighing in at just around 10 minutes, they carve through just about every genre you could imagine – death, grind, thrash, doom, crust, heavy… You name it, its on show here – but not for long, mind you, and the average length of each track is about 40 seconds, and so just as you start to get to grips – woosh – Its gone! (A bit like this review really :P)

Flesh Born

Flesh Born

It adds an endearing quality to the EP as your mind doesn’t have any time to wander, and for such a young band, they have a good grasp of dynamics.  Yes, the tracks are noisy and the production is basic, but the ideas are solid and would lend themselves perfectly in the live environment.  Good, dirty, frantic fun!





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