Review & Interview: Corrupt Moral Altar – “Mechanical TIdes”

Corrupt Moral Altar - Mechanical Tides

Corrupt Moral Altar – Mechanical Tides

Well, this was a nice surprise! The UK’s own Corrupt Moral Altar have been working hard over the past couple of years releasing various tidbits and videos here and there and building up a devoted fan base with live shows up and down the country, and so it’s not hard to see why they are so popular.

“Mechanical Tides” as absolute bliss to those who like their metal crusty and ferocious. Corrupt Moral Altar are more than your typical sludgey grind act suckling at the font of Iron Monkey worship, instead their music could quite easily be classed as ‘Grind & Roll’. There is the caustic emotion of Pig Destroyer combined with areas that are almost bluesy and extremely catchy.

Corrupt Moral Altar

Corrupt Moral Altar

This is all wrapped up nicely in a huge blanket of crust and slime. The faster songs really slap you about, but it’s the slower more suffocating numbers such as ‘Gin Dreams’ that truly inspire as they lurch towards climax topped off with wailing vocals that sound like a man drowning in pungent sewage.

“Mechanical Tides” is dirtier and more intrusive than a marzipan dildo that’s been left out in the sun and it’s incredibly enjoyable for that very reason. The entire experience is sick but weirdly exhilarating, a bit like getting trenchfoot , getting home, cutting all the dead skin off your toes, piling it up in a corner and then eating it.




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