unScene: Venowl – “Patterns of Failure”

Venowl - Patterns of Failure

Venowl – Patterns of Failure

There is Doom, and then there is Venowl. Feedback driven and sparse, downtuned guitar noise, overlayed with screams of despair and the occasional drum beat. This isn’t anything you could consider easy listening, thats for sure!

‘Patterns of Failure’ comes across more like a performance piece than a traditional album and only really works when listened to and consumed from start to finish – it has to be said though, this is a big ask as the soundscape has a disturbing atmosphere to it, and will put the listener on edge. If you’ve ever played the video game Silent Hill, then this could be considered its musical equivalent… yet it is still compelling – almost like gwaping at a road-side accident, or prodding that painful mouth ulcer!



Sharing a lot more in common with the likes of Ævangelist than traditional doom, this is NOT for the faint-hearted, and only for the brave.



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