unScene: Vile Regression – “Empires”

Vile Regression - Empires

Vile Regression – Empires

Nope you’re wrong! I bet you thought from the name, these lads from Dublin played a bit of gore-grind eh? Well, that’s what I thought and I was very wrong. You can expect some flourishes of death (both the band and the style) mixed with technical-metal, a touch of thrash and plenty of groove.

I’ve always had a little bit of a problem with technical metal bands, as while there is NO doubting their skill and ability, there is usually one thing missing… A good song. You can’t headbang properly to the likes of Obscura or Meshuggah, and this is where Vile Regression have found a great combination between showmanship and windmill-that-hair-like-your-neck-depends-on-it!

Vile Regression

Vile Regression

While there are plenty of the stop/start moments you’d expect from the tech-metal style that are built in to the structures, there is always more of a reliance of the riff as a whole, and yet on occasion, they fly at you like swarming wasps, moving and twisting to the solid bass and drumming elements.

“Empires” is one of them albums that never outstays its welcome and before you know it, its over. But it always leaves you wanting more… Really solid stuff and well worth checking out.




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