CD Review: Septicflesh – “Titan”

Septicflesh - Titan

Septicflesh – Titan

Greek symphonic metallers Septicflesh have enjoyed a considerable amount of fanfare since their release of the ridiculously catchy ‘Communion’ album a few years ago.  Between then and now their momentum has barely wavered as following album ‘The Great Mass’ was praised for its impressive atmosphere and the band decided to re-master and re-release pretty much everything in their back catalogue like they were Star Wars movies.

So, what of their latest proper album release ‘Titan’?

Where ‘Communion’ provided hook laden crowd pleasers and ‘The Great Mass’ showed an experimental side, one would assume that this, ‘Titan’, would be a combination of the two, yet actually seems devoid of either of these qualities. It certainly isn’t a bad album, more of a step sideways, which for a band previously so fresh and exciting is still somewhat of a disappointment.



‘Titan’ is exactly what you’d expect from a Septicflesh album, simple but effective riffing clothed in dramatic orchestral movements. Alas, none of the songs really achieve a memorable anthem status, nor do they have any outstanding ingenuinety about them. The track imaginatively titled ‘Burn’ has a chorus that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Rob Zombie album and the string section on ‘The Order of Dracul’ feels shoe-horned in before being followed up by a pots and pans percussion assault.

To reiterate, this isn’t a bad album and fans of symphonic metal will find plenty to enjoy here, but the negative nature of this review is derived mostly from the fact that I’ve grown to expect more from Septicflesh.

Ever since the magical ‘Sumerian Demons’ they’ve proven themselves to be a force to be celebrated. But it will be interesting to see where they go from here… will they progress and become the new masters of their genre? Or will they become the Rammstein of extreme symphonic metal who are merely content in bothering countrymen Rotting Christ in a “who has the fanciest backing track live” contest.

Only time will tell.



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