unScene: Dimholt – “Liberation Funeral”

Dimholt - Liberation Funeral

Dimholt – Liberation Funeral

In the first of a new series of reviews, we introduce unSCENE, Burning Fist’s new area to highlight some of the unsung heroes of the underground metal scene.  This gives you the reader a chance to catch up with some gems you may have missed, as well as giving these bands a platform to shout at the world!

If you have a demo, EP or album you’d like featured, contact us on the GET IN CONTACT menu, FACEBOOK or TWITTER…  And so, without further-a-do, may i present to you: DIMHOLT

Dimholt are based in Bulgaria, and don’t for one minute think that part of the world hasn’t pumped out some metal over the years – one quick look at the Metal Archives will show you otherwise.  Dimholt’s contribution is one of orthodox black metal and their recently released full length, “Liberation Funeral”, has all the trademark elements you’d long for.



Formed in 2003, and having unleashed just a demo and EP, these guys have been honing their art by playing shows and crafting songs.  “Liberation Funeral” morphs and changes shape throughout the 60 minutes on offer – encompassing traditional, frenzied black metal “buzzsaw” guitars, the pace changes often and even pops in to more doom-like structures, which keeps the music fresh and interesting, and its great to hear the bass in the mix too, as this is a vital element often overlooked in Black metal.

Having been produced by Thomas Tannenberger of Abigor fame, there is a lot of promise on show here, and it will be really interesting to see how this relatively young band will progress.  Ones to watch.





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