CD Review: Horizon Ablaze – “Dodsverk”

Horizon Ablaze - Dodsverk

Horizon Ablaze – Dodsverk

Interest is instantly attracted with this band touted as containing members of established black’n’death powerhouses 1349 and Absu, though I’m not sure how the logistics would work with the latter being American while the rest are firmly from the grim Norsk.

The vocals right from the off with the chanted “Nekrosis” intro piece definitely put me in mind of the shrieking black metal insanity I have witnessed from Absu but apparently are delivered by someone unconnected, so maybe it’s just an appreciation of the style.  The chop and change from high to guttural low is not far from the old school Carcass mix either.  

Horizon Ablaze

Horizon Ablaze

Moving on from these associations there is a lot to appreciate in this release in its own right, spectacularly intense blast beating and furious riffing, a real feral quality to melee onslaught.  There’s some dissonance in the sound too, almost tribal drum rhythms, and a good use of sampled effects to add to disturbing mix that opens out at time from the claustrophobic darkness to something of a more epic nature,   Then out of the blue you have completely bizarre and incongruous “jazz club” interludes.  Nice?

They also challenge with drawing clean picked acoustics blended in but they’re short enough to be not really filler or distraction from the harsh frenzy of the rest of the album, which does fly by, being only just over half an hour.  More a case of a lot of interesting variety intelligently put together that gives this album a lot of appeal.



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      1. I agree! I can tell by the mix that they’re pushing for a unique sound.

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