Live Review – Deified – Lomax Liverpool, 30th May 2014

Deified, RamRaid, Desolate Horizon

Deified, RamRaid, Desolate Horizon

After taking the very difficult decision to place Deathwave Entertainment shows on hold earlier this year, its with great pleasure to see Andy bouncing back and doing just what he loves to do: pulling together a great selection of bands that ensure a good night out.

Starting proceedings was Desolate Horizon from Preston, and this young Thrash band were full of vim and vigor, and while perhaps not technically proficient as the other bands on tonight’s bill, they certainly made up for it with something that is often missing from this style of music  – groove.  We all know that the best Thrash songs have texture and a good balance between speed and “chug”, and Desolate Horizon’s own songs had this.  Throw in some very competent Slayer and Evile covers just to cement where the band’s influences lay and these guys showed some great promise for sure.



Searu were billed next but had to pull out due to illness, and so RamRaid were up, and if there was ever a band name that captures the essence of the music they play, RamRaid would be it!  It was a relentless speed metal assault very much akin to experiencing a car ploughing through glass and metal – explosive, sharp and dangerous.  These local lads wasted no time in getting down to business and ripping through a solid set of classic-tinged Thrash.  A rather bizarre stage appearance from what i can only assume was a friend of the band didnt go quite to plan, but was fun all the same!

And so, the headliners:  Deified are another local band being based in St Helens, but this is possibly the first time I’ve ever been to a show where this is the first show the headliner’s have ever played!  I am dramatising of course, as the members of Deified have of course played in other bands over the years, but before finding this out, it made for an interesting prospect!



Citing the likes of Lamb of God & DevilDriver as influences, its clear to hear it, but Deified have also managed to merge the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan’s clean sound and even Benighted-style grind-squeals in to the mix, and it all makes for some perfectly headbangable fun – as demonstrated by a few of the audience members!  As the set progressed, you could see more and more confidence coming from the band and they seemed to be loving their time on stage.  This of course helped the gathered get it to the set, which in turn only went to fuel the band more.  A great set from this new band (who even managed to make Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” actually sound like a Metal song!)  and i can only imagine these guys going from strength to strength… Should be an exciting journey!




Setlist: Lo & Behold, Ascend, Addiction, Watch You Burn, Immortal Antagonist, Crest Fallen & Break Stuff.

DEIFIED Facebook Page

DEIFIED Reverbnation Page

DEIFIED Bandcamp Page

You can catch Deified on July 3rd at the Rendezvous Bar in St Helens.  July 12th Out Of The Ashes Festival & 10th August at Rock Box in St Helens.


Setlist: Systematic Genocide, Ramraid, Murder In The Embassy, Into Annihilation & Reactor 4.

You can catch RamRaid on July 12th at Out Of The Ashes Festival

RAMRAID Facebook Page


Setlist: Eternal Void, Live For Thrash, Diablo Steed, Raining Blood (Slayer), Killer From The Deep (Evile) & Ascension




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