Quick Review: Sister – “Disguised Vultures”

Sister - Disguised Vultures

Sister – Disguised Vultures

Sister is a sleaze metal band forged out of the same fires that produced the likes of Crashdiet and Hardcore Superstar, but be advised they’ve crafted a vicious record that’s uniquely their own.  From Stockholm, Sweden the band have been working hard during the last few years to earn the reputation of being one of the best live acts out there.  Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill from Primordial discovered Sister through their EP “Deadboys Making Noise” and signed them to Metal Blade Records in 2010. Their first full-length album “Hated” was released in June 2011.

In the autumn of 2013, Sister recorded the follow up to “Hated”, together with Martin Sweet and Linus Nirbrant.  The release date was set for January 21st, 2014 and the single “Sick” is already out there. The single was released on a limited edition color vinyl in October 2013 together with a video shortly before their second tour with Wednesday 13 in Europe started.  “Disguised Vultures” opens with the insanely infectious “My Enemy,” which boasts an eerie Voivod bass-line coupled with vocalists Jamie’s gutter-glam howls.

Sister - Disguised Vultures

Sister – Disguised Vultures

The special thing about Sister is that they hail from the same region as Watain and Marduk, and although the band is not black metal, there’s definitely traces of it in their music. Whether it’s the old-school Bathory drum beats or raspy singing, the clash of black metal and glam provides for a perfect and deadly combination.



“Disguised Vultures” soldiers on with the arena-ready anthems of “Sick,” the title track, and “Arise.” Sister has matured marginally since their last record and “Disguised Vultures” presents itself as the new standard of modern sleaze. The new album has every capability of providing a bright (or dark, depending on how you want to look at it) future for the band, and fans are going to crave hearing these new tracks in concert.

REVIEW BY: Christian


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