Feature: Desecration – “Cemetery Sickness” Single and Interview

Desecration - Cemetery Sickness 7inch

Desecration – Cemetery Sickness 7inch

Desecration – “Cemetery Sickness” (7” Single picture disc ltd. 300 copies)

Desecration may or may not be like marmite; they are both very dark, and at least one of them comes in a jar. Additionally though,  both are consistent – you don’t buy marmite expecting a surprise, and it was with great pleasure I wrapped my ears around Desecration’s “Cemetery Sickness”, fully prepared for some classic, gore-laden death metal.

The track is a three minute masterpiece of old school death metal, with a slightly more modern, clean production. Mic’s drumming is spot on as usual; the drum tracks are well recorded and really cut through. The guitar tones are very different to 2008’s “Forensix” with more mid tones, moving away from a ‘buzzsaw’ sound to a more aggressive and broader sonic range. Hopefully this is an indication of the overall production of the new album as it’s a refreshing and very satisfying mix.

I had a few questions about the single that even my spectacular Google skills couldn’t answer, so in a moment of gay abandon I shot a few off (fnar fnar) to singer/songwriter (not the bearded sock-sandal type) Ollie.

Raz (R): Firstly I think it’s safe to assume that the single will appear on the new album, but since ‘Cemetery Sickness’ was recorded in Dec 2012, have you re-recorded the track for the album, or will you be using the track already released?

Ollie (O): We have re-recorded it yes, so the 7″version is exclusive to that release.

(R): The production of the single is very different to previous records; comparing it directly to your last album “Forensix”, the overall sound is more powerful. Is this representative of the production and mix we can expect of the new album?

(O): Absolutely, it’s well heavy as this time we’ve gone for more natural drums and more old school brutal sound.

(R): With “Forensix” and “Pathways to Deviance” both available on picture disc, can we expect the new album to have a picture disc release?

(O): Vinyl is being pressed but not a picture disc right away. Maybe in the future if there’s call for it.

(R): When can we expect the new album, and where will it be available?

(O): Release date is 26th June but I think it may be available before then. The disc itself is well manufactured; the graphics on both sides are very crisp, and comes in a clear plastic slip with a single ply sleeve. I ordered my copy through the band’s own merch store ( http://desecration.bandcamp.com/ ) and received the single a few days later, well packaged and in good shape. I was quite surprised that this release was still available considering the production was limited to 300, but maybe this is just a symptom of the stagnant economy. I don’t imagine the conservative MP / banker demographic is a large proportion of Desecration’s audience, and even if they were I don’t think they are in the habit of actually paying for things. The track is available in both physical or digital formats, and for streaming, from the band’s website. Buying the 7” single also allows you to download immediately in FLAC, MP3 and other formats. The track was recorded at Sonic Forge Studios in Cardiff (featuring the engineering skills of drummer Mic), and will feature on the album ‘Cemetery Sickness’ released through Metal Age Productions.



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