CD Review: Hark – “Crystalline”

Hark - Crystalline

Hark – Crystalline

Containing far too much energy and more than a touch of impassioned aggression to be conveniently pigeonholed as stoner rock, this debut album release from the South Walian three-piece is a real mixture of pace and complexity.

Might be their first full-length here, but I’ve heard their previous Mythopoeia 7” and was impressed with them at Hammerfest last year; it’s all building well from their foundation with previous incarnation Taint who were also held in high regard. There might be unmistakeable heavy grooves from the off on this album, but the up-tempo pace is more akin to the likes of Fu Manchu than any doomy version of doom.



Rolling, sometimes almost tribal drums, power things along with the raw, strong, shouted vocals reminding somewhat of Kylesa. Like them, there’s no holdback constraint to their writing as there are some convoluted riff work-outs among the pounding rhythmic sections, ultimately a great diversity put into the song structures across the album. Occasionally slowing down to Sleep-style cosmic jams with good use of effect pedals, lurching through powerful sludge like Crowbar, before returning to driving stompers.

There’s a slight concern that the overall production is not as full on as it might be but I guess you just have to turn it up more! Frontman Jimbob also gets to do his own excellent artwork too, having already contributed his skills to grace many other album covers of bands in the scene. The sum total of the ingredients adds to a diverse mix firmly within the stoner doom genre, get the feeling that the depth in this album will mean it will be a grower, or suit many moods.



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2 thoughts on “CD Review: Hark – “Crystalline”

    1. Cheers 1537!
      Yeah that artwork is beautiful. Kicking myself at this point as missed out on the glorious LP package (white vinyl with brown and blue splashes)!

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