Quick Review: Benighted – “Carnivore Sublime”

Benighted Carnivore Sublime

Benighted Carnivore Sublime

The expletive laden scream that opens this 6th album from the French brutal death act could either be seen as there for shock value or as a blatant lack of compromise. They had similar mixed effects with the album artwork, where the prurient horror of a revealed nipple led to their Facebook page being suspended, but ultimately I guess all publicity is good.  Either way it’s attention grabbing and fair play to them they keep a firm grip on your ears/throat for the rest of the album.

Absolutely battering production from the off allows full appreciation of some intense drumming and a real feral bite to the riffing, takes me back to the onslaught of the likes of Isacaarum. It just adds up to exciting, invigorating stuff, as they barrel along with an infectious pace, satisfying extremity raising a twisted smile. It doesn’t get dull through relentlessness either, as they throw in all sorts of punchy breaks, samples, and vocal variety in there.

Benighted Band

Benighted Band

There’s a real strength in the range here, from brief sung or clear sections, to the harshest pig squeals and grunts (perhaps picked up from hanging out at Obscene Extreme where I saw them a couple of years back). Overall, this diversity brings to mind current Cattle Decapitation but more straightforward than technical, perhaps with even an eye to degrees of accessibility, and in some ways more effective for it in its appeal to me at least.

Definitely has a lot going for it to raise it above the average for the genre, looking forward all the more to seeing them again at Hellfest this summer off the back of this.



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