Interview: Mia Klose

Mia Klose - London

Mia Klose – London

This week DReAd (D) I was lucky enough to make my way into the busy schedule of the multi-talented Mia Klose (M). This Princess of Rock has been likened to some of the highest ranked Rock Royalty such as Doro Pesch, Lita Ford, Pat Benatar & Debbie Harry. With her captivating looks and a powerfully melodic voice; Mia Klose brings back 80’s Rock and Metal but with a modern 21st century twist.

(D) You first took to the stage at the tender age of 3, does your current success and level of attention ever overwhelm such an experienced talented artist like yourself?

(M) I’m happy n grateful for all the success I have had so far! Not everybody gets to experience their dream like this! I’m lucky to know what i want to do in my life and also have the ability to do it.  Its important to not take anything for granted and look back and remember how far u have come.

(D) With so many talents, such as the violin as well as all the other instruments you’ve mastered, when did you first realise that you were destined to be a rock singer?

(M) I think that was in my genes from the beginning when looking back – I was already a rock n roll front woman at the age of three – you can clearly see this in photos from my childhood 🙂 – although when I decided that was my destiny of life must have been when I was about thirteen or so.  That was when I stopped playing violin and started taking singing lessons instead.

Mia Klose Tour 2014

Mia Klose Tour 2014

(D) Who were your earliest musical influences?

(M) Classical music, as my dad used to play cello and violin for me when I was little, but also Elvis and ABBA when I was a bit older as my mum used to play that in our stereo!

(D) You are being compared to rock legends such as Doro Pesch, Lita Ford and Debbie Harry; are you happy with these comparisons, and do you think it I possible to emulate their achievements considering all the changes within the music industry?

(M) It’s an honour being compared to such legends! And anything is possible in this world with a focused mind and a bit of luck!

(D) Bloodstock is fast becoming the festival of choice for many Metal fans here in the UK and you played this festival in 2013 – how do you feel your show went, and do you feel that since playing at Bloodstock the band profile has gone up in stature?

(M) It was so much fun playing at bloodstock last year.  We felt so welcome by the audience and I could not believe how many people turned up to watch us play! It was also really cool to meet so many fans at our signing session with the teenage cancer trust.  We’ve played quite a few high profile festivals last year and that definitely helped to rise the profile. We are so happy for all the support both from the fans and from the organisers of all these festivals!

(D) You have recently been confirmed as support act to Steel Panther, for the fans out there who might be experiencing Mia Klose live for the first time, what should they expect to see and hear?

(M) I find it really hard to answer a question like this because I have never experienced a Mia Klose concert from anywhere else but on the stage! It’s completely different to see it from the audience, but I want the audience to have a smile on their face and I want them to feel taken by the show.

I hope and think this is the feeling u get if u go to see a bunch of musicians having so much fun on stage, that is exactly what me and the guys in the band have during a gig.  We just love what we do and that is regardless of if we are performing to no one during rehearsal or if we are in a sold out venue.

This is something you can’t fake, it has to come from the inside!

Mia Klose Live

Mia Klose Live

(D) The release of your debut album ‘London’ was critically acclaimed and is indeed a fine album. You are from Sweden, what were the reasons behind the title of the album?

(M) London is the big city which I moved to as a teenager and it has inspired me and shaped me so much as a individual, a musician and an artist, so for me there was no other title that could have suited my debut album but the city that made who I am today!

(D) The production & mixing on the album ‘London’ was done by yourself & Danny Drama to great effect; will you be sticking with this solid formula for your next album?

(M) No, I’ve been working with a new team since a while back and we will be working with a new producer for the coming second album.

(D) So what’s next for Mia Klose?

(M) We are about to record a new single “Living for Love” – a favourite track among the audiences from last years festival shows.  There will be a music video for this song too; we are working with a super talented director Chris Dart who will also document our live shows with Steel Panther in march.  Then we have some exciting gig announcement yet to come for the summer of 2014.  There is loads of new material waiting to be played live and get recorded for the second album!

(D) And finally which album is Mia listening to right now?

(M) Currently I’m listening to silence as My iTunes have broke down on my computer and phone! sad face But once I have it back in shape, I have some Aerosmith that’s gonna get cranked up and get inspired by!

BurningFist! & DReAd thanks Mia for her time taken with the interview and wishes the band all the best for the future.  Make sure  you check out the links below for more info…


Official Mia Klose Website

Official Facebook Page

Official Reverbnation Page

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