CD Review: Throwdown – “Intolerance”

Throwdown - Intolerance 2014

Throwdown – Intolerance 2014

From Orange County, California, Throwdown bring us their seventh studio album ‘Intolerance’.   The Groove Metalcore with an extra large splash of hardcore punk enthusiasts amongst you should have perked up by now!

Once branded ‘the future of Metal’ the band Throwdown have on occasion wandered down stylistic paths that simply haven’t suited. ‘Intolerance’ is the follow up to the somewhat polarizing 2009 release ‘Deathless’ and I can gladly tell you that they have found the right path this time.

‘Intolerance’ is undoubtedly a much harder, more honest and no nonsense approach compared to it’s predecessor and as some of you will be glad to hear, it moves back into the territory of their 2003 break through release ‘Haymaker’.  The current members of their ever changing revolving door of a line-up are the bands founder and front man Dave Peters on guitar and vocals, with Mark Mitchell on bass.

So, to the album – ‘Fight or Die’ is the first punch thrown and boy does it connect – right on the sweet spot!  Adrenaline pumping and pounding rhythms delivering that sweet stuff;  you know what I’m talking about, right?   I’m talking raw unadulterated metal.

“So what you going to do when the lights turn black?” they ask as they pound your face in with their power. Already it has become apparent on listening to this band that we are all living on ‘Borrowed Time’ which is the second offering on the album.  Hold on tight and get ready for a pile driving groove that grips and shakes you.

The lyrics imitating this roller coaster we call ‘life’ leaving you breathless with feathers truly ruffled.   ‘Avow’ confirms the bands allegiance to no nonsense Metal, gimmick free & pulling no punches, in your face Metal that’s honest and true. Before you can catch your breath, they hit you again with ‘Hardened By Consequence’, and by this point it becomes very apparent that the band are determined to bin any fancy atmospheric intro’s which has become a trend with many Metal bands. Here they come again with another attack, no messing about, straight in boot first and by now some listeners will be on their knees beaten & blue but those of you who are still standing will feel the testosterone filling their veins with ‘Defend With Violence’ which delivers the pounding you’ve been asking for. Blow after blow the hard riffs tear you apart with rhythms that will shake the very ground you stand on.



‘Suffer Conquer’ is for me the highlight of the album a power driven groove that will definitely help you find your nuts, that is if they were hard to locate in the first place!  Stomping and not for the faint of heart, ‘Cut away’ comes with a clear message on what to do with any negative people in your life, obliterate & eradicate!  Of course it goes without saying that we at BurningFist! do not condone or promote any such violence, nor will we be held responsible for any such actions you might take against your foes after reading this review!

The devastating title track ‘Intolerance’ is unrelenting and aggressive. Someone definitely took the jam out of their donut and they aren’t happy about it. “Without weakness is to die without fear or regret” they scream…  are you hearing that? The unwavering pace drops a notch, just ever so slightly. The rhythm pounds and is solid to the core on ‘Born & buried alone’ which features a somewhat rare (on this album) emotion filled wah wah guitar solo – nice!

Get off your knees and wipe the blood from your mouth because Throwdown aren’t finished with you just yet. The final track on the album is what I would describe as a ‘face melter’, ‘Condemned to live’ liberates the metal in it’s purest form, hard and with power just the way we like it. A solid end to a very solid album. So the time has come for me to dust myself off, get back on my feet and sum things up: so here goes!

If you like aggressive adrenaline testosterone filled grooves with a ‘fight until one of us is dead’ swagger then look no further – gimmicks, who needs them? We’ll have none of that nonsense here!



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