Interview: Skreamer – Fast Rising UK Thrashers



DReAd (D): This week I caught up with Skreamer’s front man Samuel Morter (S), whom has just finished a tour of Holland & Belgium with the band. Skreamer are no doubt one of the busiest Metal bands out there and the four lads from London are as relentless in their schedule as they are in their live shows.

If you’ve never come across this band before then I strongly suggest that you remedy this asap… Why? Skreamer aren’t just another metal band, these guy’s are something more. Their debut album Blackened Earth is an accomplished album by any standard, with epic tracks as ‘Victim’, ‘Nothing’, ‘S.M.I.L.E’, ‘Bad Trip’ and the killer track on the album ‘Flesh & Blood’ are proof that these guys can really play, really write, and yes, oh yes, these lads have got the minerals!

The album “Blackened Earth” is available at Amazon or on iTunes and I really recommend that you buy it…..but don’t take my word for it check out the video below to see and hear for yourself what Skreamer are about…… need to thank me for finding you your new favourite band just yet, as we present the lads with the dubious honour of being BurningFist’s very first interview feature!   Here’s how it all went down…

(D):  Good Morning – Hope you are well, and thank you to agreeing to this interview.  The band was formed in 2009 and from the start you’ve been blowing the roof off small venues and obliterating the competition at various Battle of the Bands events, do you feel that Skreamer have begun to make their point and have now reached an entirely new level and chapter?

(S) Well actually the band was more of a laugh to begin with and then I (Sam) started to get more serious with it. In terms of reaching a new chapter, I do, we’ve come along in musical expression and are widening our styles to suit different lyrical content. We’re certainly a lot busier than we could of hoped for, playing bigger venues and more festivals and our fan base as always are amazing!

(D) “Blackened Earth” is a power packed impressive debut album which has been well received, all eyes are on you, is there any pressure creeping in when writing new material for your next release?

Skreamer Blackened Earth

Skreamer Blackened Earth

(S) Ha ha! We’re glad you you enjoyed the album! We always feel a certain amount of pressure with everything we do, it’s awesome because it keeps us on our toes. With the next release, we’re more excited than nervous, we’re inspired by new things everyday that just keep the music exciting and fresh for us.

(D) How did the 4 of you get together to create the unstoppable force that is Skreamer?

(S) Unstoppable force? I’ve not really looked at us like that, but it sounds nice – Lets hope you’re right! I started the band in college and went through various other members until the lineup we have now. I think it’s important that you’re not only like minded in music, but also in life, and we compliment each others personalities all ways round.

(D) In 2013, Skreamer played Bloodstock, was the reality as sweet as the dream? How do you think the show went and also how did the crowd respond to your aggressive powerful set?

(S) Bloodstock was insane – The reality was a mind blowing, crazy experience! Playing along side our heroes and even getting to meet them, what more could we ask for? We could not of asked for a better crowd, the response was amazing. The whole set was just energy being thrown back and forth between us and the crowd that day. Don’t just take my word for it, search “Skreamer bloodstock day 2” into YouTube you can see for yourself!

(D) What makes a good crowd?

(S) Energised, passionate and have turned up to the venue for the right reasons, to listen to live music! It’s great when you see people who don’t know what to expect from you going crazy and then getting their feedback after the show!

(D) Do the crowds in Europe vary from the crowds in the UK?

(S) I’d have to answer that yes. It seems a lot more in Europe still turn up to smaller venues.

(D) Skreamer recently completed a tour of Holland and Belgium, how did that go?

(S) The tour was fantastic we had an amazing reception and lots of new friends! Did a music video whilst we were there to “Bad Trip”, that’s on YouTube now! Looking forward to going back, should be around September.

(D) 2013 was a busy year for Skreamer, already in 2014 you have been confirmed to be sharing the same stage as Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth to name but a few, on a personal level which of these slots excite you the most?

(S) All of them man! Being able to play at festivals with top class acts, as in Bloodstock, is daunting and exciting at the same time.

(D) Serg (Skreamer’s Bass player) is fast becoming known as the best dressed man in metal, his ties are becoming the stuff of legend. Which is his favourite? And how/why did this tradition begin?

(S) Like most of these things, it started as a laugh but soon became ‘expected’ of him. It would be weird now if Serg was on stage without a tie! Just another form of expression that has it’s own personality.  His favorite one is the first one he ever had which just says “Metal”, although each one of them says something that is personal to the band at that time.



(D) When touring, what are the pro’ and con’s of being on the road for long periods?

(S) Pros – It’s great, exciting, funny, you’re with the guys that you love for extended periods of time. Cons – You’re with the guys that you love for extended periods of time!

(D) What albums are you all individually listening to right now?

(S) Korn – “The Paradigm Shift”, Gojira – “L’Enfant Sauvage”, Slipknot – “Volume 3” & Lamb of God – “Wrath”.

(D) What’s next for Skreamer? Is there a second album in the pipeline? Anything else that you think you’d like to mention?

(S) We’re about to do a English and Welsh tour (More details here: , we’ve then got festivals, then we’re back to Holland, Belgium and Germany and hoping to be in Czech in November. We’re writing constantly, but as most bands we’re finding it hard to find the time to record, but we’re okay with that. We’re still a young band and really want to get as much live work under our belt as we can.

BURNINGFIST! & DReAd would like to thank Samuel and the guys from Skreamer for their time with this interview and wish them all the very best with the up coming tour and all future releases.  Be sure to check out their links below, show them some love, and tell ’em we sent you!


Official Facebook Page

Official Reverbnation Page

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