CD Review: Grand Magus – “Triumph and Power”

Grand Magus - Triumph & Power

Grand Magus – Triumph & Power

As BurningFist! welcomes our latest contributor – DReAd (check out our About Us page for more info), whom we are sure you’ll welcome to the fold – The Swedish riff-(war)lord’s are back and mounted on their horses with battle axes at the ready!

A quick history lesson for those that are not familiar with Grand Magus; they were formed back in 1996 by former ‘Cardinal Fang’ vocalist Janne (JB) Christoffersson and bassist Fox with Frederick Liefvendahl on drums who left the band in 2006 to be replaced by Seb Sippola. In 2010 Sippola also left the band and was quickly replaced by skin beater Ludwig Witt.

“Triumph & Power” is the follow up to 2012’s release “The Hunt” and is the band’s seventh release to date. Released on the 31st of January (3rd of Feb in the UK) via the power house that is Nuclear Blast. The album was recorded and produced by Nico Elgstrand and engineered by Staffan Karlsson (Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars) at the Sweetspot studio’s in Halmstad, Sweden. A tradition that continues since the 2010 breakthrough release “Hammer of the North”.

Riding up “On Hooves of Gold” this album begins it quest to triumph & power by delivering an almighty driven anthem that instantly spells out what’s to come – carnage and blood-lust!  The battle cries of “Steel Versus Steel” and “Fight” stay true to the nature of war and it’s effects.  The band have truly captured the essence of the Ancient North which they intended to from the off.   The title track “Triumph & Power” is the definite highlight on this album, giving us, the listener exactly what we’ve been accustomed to by the Scandinavian Masters of Defiance.

Grand Magus 2014

Grand Magus 2014

“Dominator” obliterates and pushes the album further forward in this blood stained battle but is quickly followed by the more subdued, instrumental acoustic “Arv” which allows some respite before the battle begins again with ‘Holmgang’.  A power-fuelled anthem brimming with the drama of what JB and the boys do best – WAR!

“The Naked & The Dead” stands out as one of the stronger hymns along side the aforementioned “Triumph & Power”, as it delivers the stench of death: JB doesn’t hold back with his descriptive lyrics about the destruction and aftermath of the fight.  The beautiful “Ymer” follows and is a song worthy of featuring on any soundtrack to a big time Hollywood blockbuster.

The album ends with “The Hammer Will Bite” which delivers the blow it intended – Victory is at hand.  If your lucky enough to get your hands on the limited edition, it includes the unforgettable “Blackmoon” which for any Grand Magus fan is a must.

For those of you whom have already sworn your oath and taken up arms, you wont be disappointed with this latest release. If you like drama filled power anthems and tales of blood thirsty sword battles, then this is the album for you.



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