Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all at BurningFist!

Wow, and there it was… Gone!  2013 is now just a slightly blurred memory at this point (you can blame the recent festivities and more specifically Sailor Jerry & Jack Daniels for their part in that!), but what a fun year it was.

BurningFist came about because of a gig that i attended in early September (you can read the review here!) and i had an overwhelming urge let the “world” know about it.  I’d never done any writing before (as im sure most of you will be able to tell!) and so it was an exciting prospect anyway, but from that one excellent night out, the idea for BurningFist was born!

The initial vision has changed a little bit, but it was always going to be about one of (my) life’s greatest pleasures… Rock & Metal music.  And now, just a little more than 3 months down the road, we’ve had an amazing response from not only you, the loyal reader, but also the bands & labels.  Its been humbling and really exciting to get the feedback and I’ve loved checking my emails for a change 🙂

A big thanks needs to go to Hayley over at http://blackmetallurgy.wordpress.com/ for her excellent reviews of some of the darker releases, as well as good ‘ol Dr Rock from The Rock Surgery, who provided us with some excellent retrospective live reviews.  Without the help of these guys, there is no doubt that the site would have been a lot less interesting – Cheers guys!

Looking forward to 2014, man its going to be an absolute cracker: we’ve just enlisted the help of another fantastic writer (but more on that in the next few days!),  and I don’t mean to sound brash, but some of the projects and ideas we have lined up are going to be incredible fun and showcase what BurningFist is truly capable of.  These are exciting times ladies and gentlemen and hope you’ll stick along for the ride!

So, a big thank you for your support in 2013, it has meant a great deal, and here’s to 2014 and all it brings!


Jason, on behalf of all at BurningFist!

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