Live Review – Sa-Da-Ko – Front Room, Rhyl – December 11th 2013

Cherry Bomb Promotions SaDaKo Flyer

Cherry Bomb Promotions SaDaKo Flyer

Bad Earth, OMV, Gridlocked & SA-DA-KO

Where:  Front Room, Rhyl

When: 11th December 2013

The show was organised by Cherry Bomb Promotions (based in Rhyl, North Wales) and first of all, huge thanks to Bethan and the team for bringing some quality metal to North Wales.  To be perfectly honest, there just isn’t enough of it, but with some of the shows that Cherry Bomb have got planned for 2014, this is about to change  (Be sure to check out the RESOURCE links at the bottom of the review for further details).

To start, we had Bad Earth who are a local band and their set consisted of covers, so it wouldn’t be fair to review them at this point, but we will indeed be keeping our beady-eye on them to see what happens next.

So kicking off the main bill we had OMV (One More Victim) who tore through a frenzied and entertaining set of hardcore infused thrash metal.  This Liverpool based band have taken classic elements from the likes of Cro-Mags, Sick of it All & Biohazard and successfully merged this some furious speed metal riffs that would give the big boys a run for their money.

These lads are currently in the process of putting the finishing touches to their debut album which has the incredible honour of having a song penned by the infamous Charlie Bronson (yup! “Britain’s most dangerous criminal”).  No strangers to the live circuit either, and so if you spot them on a bill near you, and like a bit thrash, you should do yourself a favour and check them out.

Next up we had Denbigh based Gridlocked.  Now these lads have been making a name for themselves recently by not only making it in to the local papers, but more importantly, getting in to the finals of the Liverpool Metal2TheMasses competition – not bad going at all for a first attempt either!  For those out of the loop, this competition gives unsigned bands the chance to play at one of the UK’s biggest festivals; Bloodstock.



The lads play a very competent mixture of of groove-laden metal, with songs “Turn it to hate”, “Shrapnel” & “No Mercy” stirring up likenesses akin to Pantera Vs. Soil, but tracks such as “Hellfire Mississippi” has a classic southern-rock/stoner vibe to it with touches of more traditional rock.  It was a little bit of a shock to find out that tonight was vocalist Anton’s last show with Gridlocked and a fitting tribute to his talent it was too.  The band also treated us to a new instrumental track and even offered those gathered to have a go at vocals to see if they could find a replacement… Alas, there was no takers!

It has to be said at this point that the turn out to the gig was unfortunately lacking tonight anyway, but by the time Sa-Da-Ko were ready to hit the stage, there was just about no-one left (more on this in a mo!) to witness one of the more exciting live bands this writer has seen for some time.



Starting off with a slow, atmospheric build up (“Awakenings”) these dapper lads, dressed in matching black “uniforms”, ripped straight in to “#28” with all the fury of a charging bull. A blistering mix of groove and heaviness, it’s nigh-on impossible to not be taken along for the ride, and watching their vocalist stalk the floor was a sight to behold!  So this brings me back to the lack of turn out to the show…  It would have been SO easy for Sa-Da-Ko to simply have played a few tracks, make polite excuses and leave, but its testament to them that they stuck it out and played pretty much every track from their current release “Awakenings”, and more importantly; played like the room was full!

How could you not love a cheeky cover of the classic Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff song “Boom! Shake the Room” (seriously! make sure you check out the resources links at the bottom of the review) which was then followed up by even more furious riffage in the shape of “Filthlicker” a sound-man-stage-invasion, and the final double-bill of “Void of the Black Planets”/”Forced Evolutionary Virus”.

Overall, this was a great night of metal and i was so chuffed to that i went along to witness some quality bands so close to home… but this sort of thing cant possibly be sustainable if people dont turn up!  And so this is a call to arms, ladies and gentlemen:  A lot of time and effort goes in to getting these gigs off the ground and you really should be getting out there to local shows.  Rant over… for now!



Official Facebook Page:


Setlist: intro/burn – shotgun-snakes- 5days- charlies bronsons hell- hang the fuckin judas
Official Facebook Page:


Setlist: Burning inside, Turn it to hate, Hellfire Mississippi, Shrapnel, No mercy, I scream, Mosh, (New instrumental track)
Official Facebook Page:


Setlist: #28, Limit Of Resolution, Final Solution: Death, Marionettes, Boom! Shake The Room (Cover), Filth Licker (Akaname), Void Of The Black Planets, Forced Evolutionary Virus
Official Band Page:
Official Facebook Page:
Official Reverbnation Page:

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