Year End Polls – Riotus’ Top 15 Albums of 2013 Part 2

BurningFist! Top 15

BurningFist! Top 15

Part 2: 10 – 6…

Here we go again – Its time for the second part of my Top 15 albums of 2013, and we start off with something a little bit… kooky!

Number 10: Rob Zombie – “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor” (April)

Oh, how i reveled in this album.  Having been a fan of White Zombie since their classic “La Sexorcisto” LP, it was with a heavy heart that i learned of their demise, which was somewhat alleviated by Rob Zombie “going solo” some years later.  I say “somewhat” as his solo material never really hit the mark for me, but “Venomous Rat…” has put all that right again.  With its crazy lyrics, sing-a-long choruses, memorable hooks, pristine production and with song titles such as “Teenage Nosferatu Pussy”, “Behold, The Pretty Filthy Creatures!” & “Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga” , it simply had to be in my top 10!

Number 9: Kvelertak – “Meir” (March)

Oh, and now we’re talking.  These guys seem to be everywhere at the moment and quite rightfully so.  With their pretty much unique blend of classic rock, old school punk and black metal (yeah, who’d have thought that crazy mixture would ever have worked?!), these talented Norwegians managed to top their debut album and forged a new path of countless imposters to follow.  A roller-coaster ride of an album that you really shouldn’t miss.

Number 8: Clutch – “Earth Rocker” (March)

Welcome back boys, welcome back; you were sorely missed.  I think its safe to say that Clutch have barely put a foot wrong throughout their musical career, but 2009’s “Strange Cousins From the West”, was a let down.  Bouncing back strong, “Earth Rocker” is jam-packed with that classic Clutch foot-stomping-head-nodding-groove we all love.  Future classics in the guise of “DC Sound Attack”, “Earth Rocker” and “Cyborg Bette” will lodge themselves FIRMLY in to your head, and they aint ever gonna get out!

Number 7: Anathema – “Universal” (September)

Anathema… Quite possibly the world’s most underrated rock band, and lets leave it that way shall we, yeah?  Lets just keep them as our little secret!  “Universal” is a live album, and essentially a “best of”, but the musicianship and the beautifully crafted songs that are on offer here are what make this CD/DVD release an absolute must for your collection.  The recorded sound quality is perfect and the energy and feeling that was captured is moving.  Its not often you can say that about an album eh?

Number 6: Twilight of the Gods – “Fire on the Mountain” (September)

Heavy Fkin’ Metal! Thats what this is.  No holds barred, head down, horns up, riff out, good ‘ol heavy fkin’ METAL!  I’ll be the first to admit, im not the worlds biggest traditional metal fan, but I do appreciate and respect it, for its the building blocks of why this humble site even exists.  But this album flicks all the right switches for me – Riffs and choruses to write home about, and of course Alan Averill’s rousing vocal performance.  Lovely stuff!

…And that was the first ten done, so you know what that means?  Just 5 to go.  But not any old 5… Oh no, these are the TOP 5.  The top 5 albums of 2013!

Be sure to tune in again very soon.  Exciting times 🙂

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