Year End Polls – Riotus’ Top 5 Disappointments of 2013

BurningFist Top 5 Disappointments

BurningFist Top 5 Disappointments

‘Tis the season and all that (well, almost!) and as well as the usual over indulgence, dodgy knitwear and cheese boards, it is also customary to do a few “year end” polls.  So im going to get this out of the way now so we can concentrate on the good stuff over the coming days.

Ladies and gentlemen, i present you with:

Riotus’ Top 5 Disappointments of 2013

Now, before we go any further, i think its only fair to state that i don’t think any of the albums listed here are “bad”.  Far from it in some cases.  But these have been albums that I’ve been really looking forward too, but for whatever reason, i feel were somewhat short of the mark.  SO! Without further-a-do…

BurningFist 5th

BurningFist 5th

Six Feet Under – Unborn (April 2013)

I think its safe to say that 6FU have been treading water for some time now.  After a run of pretty lackluster releases, this is another to add to the list.  Uninspiring death metal at its finest you could say?

BurningFist 4th

BurningFist 4th

Turisas – Turisas2013 (August 2013)

I know this is “just me”.  Turisas are loved the whole world over and seemingly cant do any wrong in the eyes of their fans and a couple of years ago, i probably would have agreed with you.  Their 2004 album “Battle Metal” changed my perspective on metal by simply adding faux-Scandinavian-folk elements and huge sing-along choruses and since then i was hooked.  But perhaps the magic has worn off?  Too much of the same? I don’t really know.  But i do know i just couldn’t enjoy this release 😦

BurningFist 3rd

BurningFist 3rd

Megadeth – Super Collider (June 2013)

So, over the last few years, Dave and the boys had been on quite the roll with an amazing “comeback” album in the shape of 2007’s “United Abominations” and then 2009’s equally excellent “Endgame” (i have to admit, i managed to completely miss 2011’s “Thirteen”).  And so when i heard “Super Collider”, i had to wonder what had happened.  Nothing clicked with me and i struggled to find anything that had made the other mentioned albums so great.  Gone was the fury, the memorable riffs and songs, and all replaced with “metal by numbers” and some a sense of trying to hard.  Damn.

BurningFist 2nd

BurningFist 2nd

Alice in Chains – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (April 2013)

For almost the exact same reasons as above with Megadeth’s latest album, nothing on “The Devil…” clicked.  Its predecessor, “Black Gives Way to Blue” was a belting disk, chocablock full of songs you could sing along to and riffs to get lost in.  But this… It pretty much feels like lower quality, re-hashed versions or B-sides ! A missed opportunity.

And Riotus’ biggest disappointment of 2013 is…

BurningFist 1st

BurningFist 1st

Satyricon – Satyricon (September 2013)

I wanted to like this… I REALLY wanted to like this.  Time after time and spin after spin, i just couldn’t enjoy the whole disk.  First of all, the production has a lot to be desired.  Its almost as if the band were trying to recreate the sound of “the old Satyricon” by using modern recording techniques: It doesn’t work.  The groove, that worked so well on past albums, seems forced and arbitrary.  Its not to say the album is without merit as there are a couple of tracks that stand out (notably “Our World, It Rumbles Tonight” & “Phoenix” – which in itself is a blatant Ghost rip off!), but on the whole, i was gutted.  GUTTED!

So, what have been your disappointments this year?  Do you agree?  Really hate the list?  Let us know!

And on that note, here’s to the best of 2013 – Stay tuned folks!


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