CD Review: Pyramido – “Saga”

Pyramido - "Saga"

Pyramido – “Saga”

Crawling… Crawling!

Let me introduce you to Pyramido, and more importantly, their new album “Saga”!

This is the third full length album from the Swedish 5 piece, and one that should get these guys even more recognition.  The band are not keen on being labelled, pigeonholed or categorized and this comes across in the music on offer here, but it does make it somewhat tricky to review!  The band also like to use the term “Boogified Hardcore” to describe their sound however, so you can make of that what you like.

On the surface, the 6 tracks here consist of slow-paced-sludgerock, and there are positive similarities to bands such as ISIS, Pelican, Eyehategod, and some elements that wouldn’t be out of place on a November’s Doom or even a (the now sadly defunct) Burst record.

The riffs, and atmosphere on offer here are crushingly heavy, but there are many moments and subtle accents of melody scattered through-out the tracks.



The opening assault of “Varje Steg ar ett snedsteg” wastes no time in battering your senses, with its layers of distorted guitars (Dan Hedlund & Henrik Wendel), bass (Dan Bengtsson) and tortured vocals (Ronnie Källback).  The song weighs in at just over 7 minutes, and despite its lumbering pace, it never feels like a drawn-out affair.  “Ar av onad” is up next and manages to slow the pace down even more, but its Viktor Forss’ drumming that’s a genuine highlight here, as it adds an understated texture to the weight of the riffs.

Then we have “Fosie”, which brings back memories of the first time i heard the mighty Crowbar!  This is a track that just wants you to raise a (Burning!) fist while banging your head!

Its at this point that things turn a little spaced out as the band introduce us to an instrumental piece (“Klockrike”), with its swirling keyboards and military-style drumming, its got a definite Hawkwind feel to it but it also reminded me of early Bal Sagoth.  Its a brilliant interlude, and one that cleanses the pallet before the sludge of “Ingen Manniska ar en o” comes along to make you feel all dirty again!

The album closes with “Tiden ar kommen“, and before you know it, 40 minutes worth of music has past by.

Having not been familiar with Pyramido’s work, i will most certainly be seeking their back catalog.  Recommend.

RATING: 7.5 / 10



Pyramido Facebook
Official Website
Pyramido – Saga @ Punkdistro

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